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We aim to make STEM (science, technology, engineering, maths) subjects accessible and interesting to young people, and empower them to gain the necessary skills, qualifications and experience needed for them to succeed in a STEM career. Encouraging young people into STEM helps to reduce gender and skills gaps in higher education and industry, and enables employers to recruit skilled and capable individuals locally.

The largest programme we manage is Cambridge LaunchPad, a movement led by leading engineering, science and technology companies, who invest their talent and resources to encourage young people, especially girls and young women, into STEM careers.

According to the WISE Campaign, women make up only 23% of those in core STEM occupations in the UK, and 24% of those working in core STEM industries. The gender disparity is particularly apparent in engineering, physics and ICT and at a senior management level.

Cambridge LaunchPad

This programme aims to inspire a passion for STEM subjects and educate young people about career opportunities in STEM industries, by providing support, experiences and opportunities to students aged 8–18 years old.

The students are rewarded with exciting experiences, rather than monetary prizes or bursaries. Last year, the winning Year 12 students had the incredible opportunity to visit CERN in Switzerland to learn about the Large Hadron Collider.

Get in touch if you would like to find out more about Cambridge LaunchPad or our other STEM outreach activities, and how your business or school can get involved. We also have a LaunchPad newsletter. Cambridge LaunchPad has a dedicated website at


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