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All young people should have the potential to pursue a fulfilling and meaningful career that matches their unique skillset and talents. However the pressure to make life-changing decisions at a young age can be overwhelming, causing some teenagers to withdraw, act out or simply stop trying.

Working with our dedicated Careers Advisors enables students to develop a plan for achieving their education and career goals, and open their minds to new possibilities for their futures. Our advisors can also assist with completing UCAS, apprenticeship or job application forms.

Careers Guidance for Schools

We provide an impartial careers advice service for schools in the Greater Cambridge region. Our Level 6-qualified careers guidance professionals can offer from one day per month to three days per week to meet with your students.

Our 1-2-1 guidance sessions are 45–60 mins each. After their session, the student and their school will be sent an electronic action plan that details their next steps and useful links.

Please contact us if you would like to find out more about our in-school service and arrange for one of our Careers Advisors to help your students with their education and career choices.

Private Careers Coaching

We can offer careers advice outside of school, whether a one-off session or regular coaching, for young people who might benefit from more personalised or in-depth guidance.

If your son or daughter is keen to find out more about themselves and which job roles or industries might suit their unique skills, interests and personality style, we can offer a Morrisby assessment. Before their session, we will ask them to complete a career aptitude questionnaire – don’t worry there are no right or wrong answers! The results of this psychometric test will enable our advisors to highlight careers and pathways that suit their individual preferences and strengths. We will provide detailed guidance and support to help them understand their results and the next steps to take.

We currently offer three different packages to suit teenagers and young adults at different stages of their career decision-making process. Click here to find out more.


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