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Form the Future’s mentoring programme matches young people at risk of disengaging from education with mentors from the world of work. Building these 1-2-1 relationships can help the students develop confidence and realise their potential. In this case study, we are highlighting the relationship between Sarah Stones (Motivational Specialist at Plain Sailing Motivation) and her mentee, Jasmine.

Jasmine is a Year 10 student at North Cambridge Academy and has just finished the first year of her GCSE’s. Before joining the programme, Jasmine was looking for help with personal motivation and facing her fears. Sarah has spent her career supporting organisations, schools and parents through increasing engagement and motivation. Sarah joined the programme as she enjoys “supporting others to achieve their potential and enabling them to gain more confidence so that they can shine”. Sarah and Jasmine were matched based on the profiles they uploaded on our online system, which considers the mentees’ skill requirements, career aspirations and mentoring needs.

The mentoring relationship can be a challenging one, especially during the first few sessions. Jasmine talks about how the relationship has changed so much from the start. She says how she feels “closer to Sarah now” and that she is much more comfortable talking to her as time has gone on. She describes Sarah as “such a nice person” and how she feels she can open up and speak to her about anything.

We understand how daunting it can be for a young person to interact with someone they have never met on an individual basis. Therefore, we prepare all our mentees by providing training on how to engage with the programme, what they can get out of it and how to effectively communicate with their mentor. Equally, we know how difficult some adults may find engaging with teenagers, so we train all our mentors on how to effectively communicate with young people, provide techniques and materials they can use in their sessions and advise how we work with schools and their safeguarding expectations.

Since the start of the year, Sarah and Jasmine have covered a lot across only 6 hours of contact time. Jasmine says they have worked on her personal statement for her UCAS application, how to improve her self-confidence & how to get a work experience placement. This has led to her successfully securing a volunteering role at a local charity shop on her own. She hopes this will enable her to get a job at a high street clothes retailer in the future, so that she can pursue a career in fashion.

This is quite typical of what can be achieved during the programme. The mentees will often want to start with a productive task such as further education applications, CVs, interview techniques etc. As time goes on, the mentor and mentee can begin to move onto bigger picture problems and working together to develop skills or behaviours that benefit the mentee’s everyday life.

Jasmine believes that having a mentor has helped her become more confident and increased her self belief. The highlight of her experience so far has been “meeting someone so nice, a new person”. Many of the young people on our programme do not have exposure to new people in their life, especially not professional adults. Just from attending meetings they are getting invaluable life skills and experiences.

Judging by what has been achieved from their meetings so far, Jasmine will be well set for her GCSE’s and the next steps in her education. To anyone wanting to become a mentor or mentee, take the advice of Jasmine: “Don’t be scared, just be yourself”. If you would like to find out more about our mentoring programme, you can visit this page or contact us at

To find out more about Sarah’s work with schools, colleges, youth development organisations, parents and guardians, and how she supports people to improve self-awareness, relationships and engagement, please visit the Plain Sailing Motivation website.


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