Volunteering Policy


Form the Future welcomes volunteers to assist in the delivery of its in-school events programme. We hope that you will find it a rewarding experience, giving back to the community and inspiring children in their future career choices.

Form the Future is committed to supporting volunteers to meet and develop their personal potential.


Established in 2015, Form the Future is a social enterprise which aims to bridge the link between schools and businesses. One of the main elements of our work is to run careers events in schools to enable young people to learn about the opportunities that are available to them, broaden their horizons and to develop the skills they will require to be both successful and prepare for their futures.

Events are run in schools within Cambridge and the Greater Cambridge region and to do this, we rely on the support of business volunteers.

Volunteer Policy

Form the Future is committed to the following:
• To enable volunteers to develop and build on existing skills and knowledge and encourage their personal development.
• For volunteers to feel guided in their role through comprehensive briefing notes, regular email contact and a named Form the Future staff member as a point of contact.
• For volunteers to feel supported in the classroom by a member of teaching staff.


• Any potential volunteer is given a Volunteer Agreement.
• Form the Future provides training and guidance on working with this age group in a school setting.
• At the outset, we would ask each volunteer to inform the Form the Future events team of their areas of expertise so that they can be closely matched to the appropriate in-school event.
• We aim to recruit volunteers from a broad range of industries and with a diverse background.
www.formthefuture.org.uk | info@formthefuture.org.uk | 01223 781296
Registered no. 09648854

Supervision and Support

• For every event attended, the volunteer will receive a set of briefing notes, explaining what the event is all about and what their role will be.
• During the event, a Form the Future representative is always on site.
• School staff are within each classroom should you find yourself in a situation where you are uncomfortable. The teachers will also deal with any behavioural issues.


• Like schools, we take safeguarding very seriously. While do not require DBS checks for working at our school events, we need to know if there is any reason you should not be working with children.
• Most schools require photo ID and will ask you to observe their safeguarding procedures and wear your visitor’s badge at all times.
• Please ensure you are not alone with students in a closed room. This is as much to protect you from any false accusations as it is to protect them.


• We will reimburse charities up to £20 to cover travel expenses on request and production of a receipt.


All volunteers are covered by Form the Future’s insurance while they are on school premises. It is the responsibility of the volunteers to inform their motor insurance company if they are using their car in the act of volunteering (This usually makes no difference at all to the insurance policy).

Health and Safety

Health and safety issues apply to all volunteers. A copy of our Health and Safety policy is available on request.

Ending the volunteering

Both Form the Future and the volunteer can choose to end the volunteering. Form the Future will provide an explanation to any volunteer about a decision not to continue using him/her.


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