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Form the Future CIC
47 Norfolk Street
Cambridge CB1 2LD
Registered no. 09648854

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As a social enterprise, we are reliant on grants and corporate funding in order to work with the schools across Cambridgeshire. Although our priority is to provide the highest quality learning experience for young people, we are mindful of the needs of the businesses who support us. We aim to provide them with a tangible return on investment: through our services we increase awareness of their brands among young people, helping them to attract future employees and close the skills gaps in specific job areas such as STEM. We are also able to provide staff training where needed.

Please get in touch if you would like to discuss how you can contribute or you can donate via our Global Giving page.

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We help young people to prepare for their futures. By donating, you can enable us to reach more children in our community.

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Please donate to Form the Future to support us in our mission. We aim to prepare every young person in our community for their future careers