Form the Future supports careers education by linking schools with local businesses to get young people ready for work. Many businesses want to plug their skills gap by working with schools. But they struggle to get past Reception. We make it easy for business to make a difference.

Since the end of a funded careers service, much of the information students get about careers is provided by non-specialist school staff. Parents, peers and teachers are sources of influence, too, but this advice can be based on out of date attitudes or reinforce patterns of underachievement.

If you can help, please look at the events on our website and contact us. We would be delighted to have your support.


Good careers education needs regular contact with local businesses. We provide lots of opportunities for volunteers from businesses to help with careers and employability skills events, enterprise challenges, engineering and technology challenges, mentoring and work experience. In a fast-growing region like Cambridge, where employers can’t hire fast enough, it’s essential young people know where the jobs will be and which skills will be in demand. Our service does this, providing schools with a simple way to prepare students for life after school and supporting businesses with educational outreach to build a talent pipeline.

We are trying to fix the disconnect between education and the needs of employers, a disconnect that has led to young people pursuing careers without understanding the opportunities in the marketplace and without the skills they need to be successful in the workplace. It’s a problem that puts pressure on the companies in the Cambridge region that are growing but who are struggling to recruit skilled people. It’s a problem that means too many young people fail to achieve their full potential due to lack of awareness of the opportunities open to them or the motivation to pursue them. Fixing this problem is a win for everybody: employers, schools and the young people themselves. In fact, the whole community benefits when we get this right.

Hear Darren Bear, Partner at Grant Thornton, describe his experiences being a mentor with Form the Future.