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Secretarial Apprentice

Vacancy Description

  • Responsible for typing up GP letters; these could be dictated on the digital dictation system, in a task or written 
  • All referrals should be sent via e-RS where possible or emailed
  • Finalise any typed letters from the previous day (i.e. sending via e-RS, sending via A&G or emailing as appropriate)
  • Look at tasks and ensure urgent and priority 1 and 2 requests are dealt with regularly during the day
  • Check e-RS during the day for any referrals where advice has been received, any referrals that have been rejected or cancelled, or any referrals that have been deferred and email choose and book manager as necessary if appointments have not been booked by date shown
  • Chase up all hospital appointments, results and other queries when requested to do so by GPs
  • Be ‘Duty of the Day’ on a rota basis with other office staff
  • Answer all patient queries whether in person or on the telephone about hospital letters and if unable to do this, to pass a message to the usual GP for that patient
  • To assign any unassigned blood results to the patient’s GP
  • To distribute all incoming post, faxes and emails as appropriate
  • To be responsible for invoicing all customers for any non-NHS work carried out by the GPs
  • To keep a record of all unpaid and paid invoices
  • Unpaid invoices to be chased up on a regular basis
  • To undertake any other reasonable work when requested to do so by a GP or Practice Manager
  • To shred all confidential rubbish and ensure that desk is clear and tidy when leaving office at the end of each working day
  • To manage the haematuria book, recalling patients where necessary
  • Cervical Smear results added to screen and Open Exeter work undertaken
  • Check worklists on e-RS and update
  • Take post on duty days
  • Any other work as necessary

Employer: Royston Health Centre

Wage: £140.40 (Weekly)

Closing Date: 22nd Sep 2019

Possible Start Date: 9th Sep 2019

Expected Duration: 18 months



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