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Publishing Assistant Apprentice

You will work within a fast-moving agile-based environment, bridging the gap between customer’s and business needs. You will provide clear and accurate direction to the technology teams reflecting these needs whilst ensuring that the customers are put at the heart of everything.

You will become an expert user of the platforms and the products which sit on them and will develop your skills by:

  • Writing user stories and acceptance criteria
  • Creating designs to support and enhance the requirements passed to technology teams
  • Testing our various products through quality assurance and user acceptance criteria
  • Author training documentation and user guides to support the ongoing development of the product

In addition to these skills, you will also become effective at:

  • Diagnosing problems they need to solve and how they can go about achieving solutions
  • Troubleshooting issues raised to us through various teams, ensuring that all issues raised are thoroughly investigated and prioritised with the wider Product Owner team

Employer: Cambridge University Press

Wage: £13,000.00 (Annually)

Closing Date: 30th Aug 2019

Possible Start Date: 12th Aug 2019

Expected Duration: 15 months



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