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AAT Apprentice Accountant

Role Overview

  • The job role requires the accurate and efficient processing of client accounting information by using relevant software
  • The role may also require early demonstration of thorough audit testing in a larger office
  • The role holder normally will be supervised but as capability and experience should grow quickly, supervision will become more remote
  • The role demands the ability to speak to colleagues, clients and other contacts in a mature and professional manner

Principle Responsibilities:

Typical Objectives

  • Take ownership of building and developing the research function across the practice.
  • Continue to demonstrate capability in and understanding of, the principles of book-keeping and double entry
  • Prove accounting competence by regular and repeat practice in the drafting of straightforward sole trader, partnership accounts and straight forward limited company accounts
  • Prove able to undertake basic audit tests accurately under the guidance of an audit supervisor (where such assignments are available within the office).
  • Check own work and correct obvious errors before handing work (accounts or audit) to a supervisor
  • Display own understanding by asking appropriate and intelligent questions.
  • Present the firm’s professional image to clients and demonstrate professional relations with clients
  • Demonstrate professional colleague relations and join in with the office spirit.
  • Demonstrates a knowledge of the purpose of statutory accounting and audit work including compliance and legal requirements

Job Knowledge and Competence:

  • Demonstrates a full competence in and understanding of, the principles of double entry book-keeping through a high standard of posting and reconciliation work
  • Demonstrates a high standard of competence in drafting sole trader, partnership and straightforward limited company accounts tasks i.e. work is produced accurately and efficiently
  • Demonstrates thoroughness in carrying out straight forward audit tests under supervision
  • Demonstrates ability to adhere to required job procedures i.e. follows instructions from his/her supervisor and drafts work to required compliance and presentation standards
  • Has proved IT capability using relevant accounting software correctly and effectively

Job Management:

  • Takes instructions from supervisor, pays attention and retains guidance given
  • Asks good, intelligent questions, checking and demonstrating understanding


Wage: £18,000.00 (Annually)

Closing Date: 20th Jan 2020

Possible Start Date: 3rd Dec 2019

Expected Duration: 16 months



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