Form the Future, a social enterprise operating across Cambridge, South Cambridgeshire and East Cambridgeshire, links schools with local businesses to get young people ready for work.

Since the end of a funded careers service, much of the information students get about careers is provided by non-specialist school staff. Parents, peers and teachers are sources of influence, too, but this advice can be based on out of date attitudes or reinforce patterns of underachievement. We can help by connecting students with people doing a wide range of jobs.

We work with young people at a range of stages in their career journey. Some are about to leave school and actively considering their options.

We understand that businesses need people with the right skills to help your business to grow. We also want to see young people achieve their full potential.

We are building a network of companies and individuals who want to make a difference. Working together we can help young people prepare for the world of work and develop the skills they need to succeed.

Want to join our team?

We’re hiring!

Here are our current vacancies:

STEM Outreach Project Manager

Events Assistant

For more information, or to discuss either of these, please get in contact with Michaela.


Anne Bailey: Co-Founder

Anne initially set up the Employer Links programme for CAP in January 2013 because she  wanted to help young people connect with the vibrant business community in Cambridge. After Michaela joined they transformed this into Form the Future.

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Anne’s background is in communications but she got involved in education-business partnerships when she managed BT’s award-winning CSR education programme. Anne  also developed teacher training for Essex County Council and ran workshops for young people to improve their communication skills and employability. She is a communication coach and have been a non-executive director at the EAHSN and Papworth Hospital.

Anne feels strongly about making a difference and loves to see young people realise they can do much more than they thought possible. Outside of work Anne enjoys yoga, cooking and travel.

Michaela Eschbach: Co-Founder

Michaela  moved to Cambridge in December 2012. She started as an Apprentice in Tourism, followed by an University degree in International Business.

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This led to a career in the financial service industry, where she spent 13 years in Project and Relationship Management.

In 2014 Michaela discovered a passion for helping young people to find their way from school into the world of work by working with CAP. Looking back at her own career Michaela just knew it is the right way to go.

Michaela co-founded Form the Future, a social enterprise that continues the successful programme initiated by CAP.  She is an appointed governor at Chesterton Community College.

Catherine Hay: Business Development Manager

Catherine is an experienced member of the Form the Future team and take responsibility for the delivery of a busy programme of school events.

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Catherine joined Form the Future in November 2015, having previously taken a career break to look after her children. With a background is in Public Relations and event management, Catherine has in the past worked for a number of leading agencies in London.  She is also a linguist too having studied languages at the University of East Anglia.

Catherine is passionate about her work for Form the Future. She has always liked event management and have enjoyed seeing Form the Future’s school event programme grow year on year.  Form the Future’s work would not be possible however without the support and dedication of the volunteer network and Catherine feels privileged to work with so many interesting and diverse businesses who share our passion to inspire young people.

Outside work, Catherine enjoy spending time with her family, cooking and travel.

Charlotte Steggall: Business Development Manager

Charlotte started her career in education when she was 19, teaching English to teenagers from around the world. After graduating with a degree in Japanese and TESOL, she taught English and baton twirling at a Junior High School in the historical city of Ise in Japan, until the tsunami in 2011.

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Taking a break from teaching, she then moved to Germany to work at Nintendo of Europe, translating games from Japanese to English. She moved back to the UK in 2014 and has worked in apprenticeships, helping the candidates gain employability skills as well as aid in the transition between school and the working world.

Charlotte is passionate about working at Form the Future as she wants students to be equipped with the life skills necessary to get a good job, and to be aware of all the career possibilities out there. After all, who knew that the teenager who played video games non-stop would one day play video games for a living?

Sean Callow: Administrator

Sean has lived in Cambridgeshire for 11 years and is a graduate of Bournemouth University. After moving back to Cambridge, following his time at university, Sean quickly realised he did not know what career path to take.

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After working a number of temp jobs (including folding clothes in a factory, wine pouring & supporting fertilizer salesmen) with varying degrees of success, he started working for Form the Future in 2015.  Sean enjoys helping young people who were in a similar situation to him find out what careers are out there. In his spare time Sean likes supporting a below par football team, watching bad reality TV & trying (and failing) to sing a long to 90s hip hop songs.

Mary Steel: Work experience coordinator

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Jake Sloane: Apprentice

Jake started his apprenticeship at Form the Future in January 2017 and has been an essential part of the team ever since. His love for business started at Swavesey Village College in his Business GCSE classes.

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Being the youngest member of the team, Jake often helps Form the Future see things from the eyes of the students they help.

In his spare time, Jake is a social media enthusiast, enjoys photography, and is a keen cook.

Andy Rice; Business Development Manager

Andy has had a long and successful media career. With a Sport and English degree from Loughborough University, he started work as a graduate trainee at IPC in 1985.

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After a series of management roles he was part of the team that took Market Link Publishing public in 1998. He then became Publishing Director at SportBusiness International and, over a period of 8 years, helped transform it into the market-leading multi-media brand it is today. Andy joined the executive board of the Press Association in 2011, heading up sport and managing the partnerships with (amongst others) LOCOG and The Premier League. In 2013 he joined the executive board of Future Media until its sports division was sold to Immediate. He then changed tack and decided to enter the teaching profession. After 3 years teaching English he has now joined Form the Future to help build bridges between the two disparate communities he knows so well.